Take control of your home, your weight,
 and your life — in just 6 weeks!

Peter Walsh is a renowned organizational expert and star of Enough Already! and Extreme Clutter on OWN. He has motivated thousands around the globe to live simpler, happier, less stressed lives.


How did all this clutter get in your home?
And how did those extra pounds get on your body?

It's not because you're a bad person. Or because you deliberately decided to have a messy, cluttered, disorganized home … or purposely loaded up on too many calories.

You were busy. You were stressed. Chances are, you weren't thinking much about it. What this means is, if you want to make permanent changes in your home, your weight, and your life, you'll need to change the way you think.

That's why you need Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds. You'll learn the secrets to being more mindful in your life, how to declutter your home, room-by-room, finally shed pounds, banish stress, and so much more!


The Clutter Chronicles:
Clutter has lots of causes, but these people conquered their stuff with
one simple plan —  and you can, too!

Nanette Cooley's picture

Nanette Cooley, 54
Pounds lost: 20.6
Amount of clutter removed: 12 to 15 bags

She lost more than 
20 pounds … and three generations of clutter!

Nanette Cooley knows where her journey into clutter began. "I grew up in the house my grandparents built … There were three generations of us in this house, and a lot of stuff accumulated over the years. When my mother passed away, I inherited it."

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Joe Shigo's picture

Joe Shigo, 51
Pounds lost: 21
Amount of clutter removed: 7 large bags of trash and 3 bags filled with items for donation

He traded 21 pounds 
for a bright new vision!

Joe used to keep his weight under control with 45-minute workouts on his lunch hour. But when he injured his already-aching knee in 2011, his exercise time dwindled. He started the 6-week Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds program carrying 301 pounds.

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Leah Zerbe's picture

Leah Zerbe, 33
Pounds lost: 11.4
Amount of clutter removed: 10 bags for donation and 5 bags of trash

"This has been a lifesaver!"

Leah realized that the clutter in her home was cluttering her state of mind. "I was actually giving things a place, so they stayed permanently cleaned up," she says. "Since I [work at home and] work really long days, this has been a lifesaver."

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Our decluttering Kickstart Guide is a fun, visual guide to the science of clutter and includes ingenious tips to get you started toward a simpler, happier space and life. We invite you to download and post, share on your social streams, and discuss with friends.

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Is clutter messing with your
mind … and your middle?
It happens something like this:

You wake up and the first thing you see is a messy, cluttered bedroom. You can't find the outfit you want in the overcrowded closet. You've run out of milk. Your kid's homework has disappeared and so have your keys. By 8 a.m. you've had more frustrations than some people feel all day. Is it any wonder you feel tense, edgy, and in no mood to face a diet, exercise, or deny yourself that doughnut?

But now, Cut the Clutter, Drop the Pounds can help you replace this scenario with a picture of calm, blissful organization that gives you the peace and clarity to make healthy choices, stay on track, repel anxiety, and create a happy, positive life for your family.
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In just 6 weeks, you can create a healthier, happier "new normal."

Introducing the first-ever step-by-step manual to help you cut the material clutter invading your home, the physical clutter of unwanted pounds from unconscious food choices, and the mental clutter that keeps you from living the fullest, richest life possible.

  • Declutter and refresh your home,
     one room each week
  • Shed pounds with a deliciously
     healthy, automatically slimming
     eating plan
  • Firm up with simple moves you can
     do anywhere
  • Achieve peace of mind and banish stress
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I tell people:
"If the stuff you own is not helping you create the blissful, peaceful, in-control life you want, then you can let it go. And that will help you let go of the weight as well."

In just 6 weeks, you can get your home
 and your body into the best shape ever!

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